LESS extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy with utilisation of SILS PortTM:  our experience

Vincenzo Ferrara1, Behrouz Azizi1, Willy Giannubilo1, Antonio Garritano1, Carlo Vecchioli1
  • 1 Ospedale Civile - U.O. Urologia (Jesi)


In this video we present our tecnique to perform video-laparoscopic extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy performed using SILSTM port, produced by Covidien, and one 5mm accessory trocar. SILSTM port can accept three 5mm cannulas or two of 5mm and one of 12mm. In our department, from January 2009 to January 2014, we performed 280 extraperitoneal radical prostatectomy using SILSTM Port, and a further 5mm trocar, positioned in the right iliac fossa (Hybrid – SILS). Of these 280 radical prostatectomies, 98 also underwent bilateral iliac-obturator lymphadenectomy, 40 were non nerve-sparing (contraindicated), 89 were bilateral nerve-sparing and 41 were mono-lateral.
We used:
•             SILSTM Port, that can accept three trocars inside it supplied by the company (2 of 5mm or two of 5mm and one of 12mm)
•             A 5mm trocar positioned in the right iliac fossa
•             An endo-abdominal retractor developed by us (necklace),
•                    A Trans-urethral Beniqué
•                    Both the necklace and the Beniqué proved to be useful in reducing accesses to the abdominal wall, thus allowing the operation to be conducted with only two accesses