Robotic simple prostatectomy

Mariaconsiglia Ferriero1, Rocco Papalia1, Giuseppe Simone1, Salvatore Guaglianone1, Riccardo Mastroianni2, Michele Gallucci1
  • 1 Istituto Nazionale Tumori "Regina Elena" (Roma)
  • 2 Università Campus Bio-Medico (Roma)


The video shows a transperitoneal robotic simple prostatectomy. After the trocar placement, pneumoperitoneum was induced. A transverse incision at the level of vesico-prostatic junction was performed by monopolar scissors. Once identified the plane between the capsula and the adenoma, the enucleation was performed using monopolar scissors and blunt dissection. The adenoma was removed using an endocatchbag. Hemostasis was obtained by monopolar coagulation. A 3 way catheter was placed into the prostatic fossa. Trigonization of the bladder neck and suture of anterior prostatic capsule to the anterior bladder wall were performed through running sutures. A drain was left in place.