Single setting robotic-assisted zero-ischemia partial nephrectomy and nephrolithotomy

Mariaconsiglia Ferriero1, Giuseppe Simone1, Rocco Papalia1, Salvatore Guaglianone1, Riccardo Mastroianni2, Michele Gallucci1
  • 1 Istituto Nazionale Tumori "Regina Elena" (Roma)
  • 2 Università Campus Bio-Medico (ROMA)


The video shows a single setting robotic-assisted left partial nephrectomy for a 10-cm upper pole renal tumor and nephrolitothomy for staghorn stones.
A left ureteral 5 Ch catheter was introduced cystoscopically.
Once opened the Gerota’s fascia, the upper pole was isolated. The renal hylum was nor clamped neither isolated. The renal parenchyma surrounding the tumor was incised with monopolar scissors. The right plane was easily identified and tumor enucleation was performed with scissors and blunt dissection. Haemostasis was obtained by sliding clip renorraphy and monopolar coagulation. The tumor was secured in an endocatchbag.
The remaining renal parenchyma was incised and the calyces were opened. The staghorn stones were removed with the help of a prograsp and secured in an endocatchbag. A Double J stent was introduced retrogradely. The urinary tract was closed by running sutures. Haemostasis and renal parenchyma reconstruction were performed by sliding clip renorraphy.
A drain was left in place.

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